Graduation Exhibition

졸업전 작품

[실내건축학과 졸업설계] 풍서범 | CITY OF EDEN
  • 실내건축설계(5)
  • 지도교수 : 이재영, 장윤선
  • 작성일  2021-08-12
  • 조회수  22983



The theme of this project is 겹겹. I got the inspiration from ‘superposition’, and then developed my design concept from this abstract notion. Behind this seemingly substantial and peaceful picture, well-developed per capita happiness index, there is a dark side that cant be ignored. Because of the gap between the rich and the poor, the population density and other issues, the material and psychological needs are not met, and people are living in a very poor environment. They are not the minorities and this vicious cycle caused by these layered problems. Rich people get richer and poorer people get poorer. This time the design is aimed at the low-income groups and looking forward to the future. The purpose is to find solutions to help them get rid of the life pressure and led to satisfy the needs of this specific group.


This project is set in the future (2064+) in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong with unusual polarization problems, targeted at the low-income groups, on the basis of analyzing the living environment and physical& metal needs of the groups, planning to build an "UTOPIA"  an idealized place with peace, equality, justice and prosperity, a society where everything is perfect . Meanwhile, on the basis of the concept of utopia, I  aim to engage in an in-depth discussion on the problems of the gap between the rich and the poor in modern society. 

In order to make the project more interesting, I chose Leslie Cheung as the protagonist in my project. Leslie Cheung was born in Kowloon, Hong Kong. He is suitable for my theme and topographical elements, the narrative may be a bit whimsical. what if, in another world. In the future of Hong Kong, if Leslie Cheung has not passed away, what kind of situation will be the center of the story creation. Leslie Cheung failed to complete the agreement with Anita Mui before his death. I want to continue their story in my project.