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[실내건축학과 졸업설계] 이형렬 | Exodus
  • 2023-1학기
  • 실내건축설계(5)
  • 지도교수 : 이재영, 유상희
  • 작성일  2023-08-23
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환각으로 망가진 현실로부터의 탈출 
사회에서 멀어져 자신만의 환상 속으로 도피하며 일그러진 쾌락에 잠식된 중독자들. EXODUS는 이들의 사회복귀를 그리는 탈출기이다. 

From a psychoanalytic point of view, drug addiction is classified as those who lack the effort to understand society and others. They turn a blind eye to society, escape to their own inner and fantasy, and indulge in unjustified pleasures. Addicts can't find happiness in relationship with other people, and drug takes precedence over everything. Exodus is a system of social rehabilitation for those who have been eroded by unjustified pleasures and are alienated from society. 

Recently, Korea has been talking about various drugs problems. Last yea was the year of the most drug fraud occurred.Despite these circumstances, Korea addiction activities are not operated and concentrated only in punishment, and focus on punishment. Therefore, we can say that new rehabilitation facilities or standards.

Scene #1 View of Addicted 
Addicts suffer from withdrawal for up to two weeks and up to two months. Withdrawal is maximized on Day 7, and the first sequence is space for them. Those who suffer physically and mentally still suffer from hallucinations and try to escape from reality. They view other inmates as addicts like themselves and fall into self-hatred. The spaces for them are private and soothing. 

Scene #2 Communal Space for Addicted 
Drug addicts have a pleasure system that has been ruined by excessive dopamine secretion. The restoration of the dopamine system takes about six months. During this time, they admit that they are addicts and face the batter again. The second sequence is the space of patience, the true treatment for addicts. To reduce visual stimulation and sudden environmental changes, their space is located at the underground level. It consists of a hypoallergenic space for dopamine recovery, and those who refused to relate to others begin to form small communities. The general treatment process for addicts begins with providing a variety of elements in their daily lives, not giving them time to think about drugs. Therefore, we added elements of pleasure to their daily lives. The ride is used as the only passage and route between the underground and the ground, and between the addicts and the cured. These rides add pleasure to the activity of their everyday and ordinary movement and at the same time act as a way of healing. 

Scene #3 Re-Socializing Space for Cured 
The ground is the space of those who are cured from addict. Currently, the treatment of drug crimes in Korea is concentrated on punishment, so in reality, there is no problem-solving ability at all. As a way to prevent recidivism of drug offenders, we present social rehabilitation facilities after a short break. Addicts who do not feel pleasure due to general stimulation succeed in abstinenceand move to the amusement park, the last sequence space. After six months of successful short-term treatment and restoration of the dopamine system in the previous sequence, they end treatment and rehabilitation again in the final sequence, the amusement park, feeling the pleasure of modern people's play elements.