[실내건축졸업설계(1)] 방보란 | Senior Living Facility _ The Urban Farmhouse For Senior Life
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The world’s elderly population are growing at an unprecedented rate. According to a report, “the senior population has been rapidly grown in the proportion of the world’s population”, people have been living longer, and the majority of seniors say they prefer to live in the familiar environment.


This project is committed to provide a safe and comfortable place for the senior groups who living int eh city but also enjoying pastoral lifestyle, and also to create a slower pace of life that frees you from the grind of daily routine.


In this project, I placed a farming (seasonal garden and vertical garden) in the senior living facilities aim to provide the best spatial experience. The changes on the plant species which are planted in the ‘farming’ areas depend on the nature of the communal space.


3point in this project

-          The residential areas: each unit has its own ‘farm’(private balcony)-a way to add space for fresh air and plants.

-          Disperse and integrate ‘farming areas’ and ‘public areas’ as a ecotone-which includes sports area, amusement area, and community area…etc.

-          Provide multiple service and programs-comfortable living environment, plenty of entertainment, adequate medical care, and healthcare…etc.