[강연] 스테판 엑스턴브링크 교수 특강 Principles of Design /Design Approach in Architecture
  • 작성일 2023.10.13
  • 조회수 847


2006년 실내건축전공이 생기고 2008년부터 3년간 실내건축학전공 초기 수업을 진행해주신 교수님이십니다.
학생들의 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.

스테판 엑스턴브링크 교수

함부르크 프로세뉴대학 건축학과장

특강 일자 : 2023년 10월 17일(화) 11시
특강 장소 : K동 101호

특강 제목 : Principles of Design /Design Approach in Architecture
About impacts, triggers and the secret of the design emergence

This small guest lecture is aimed at students of architecture and interior architecture and attempts to shed light on the never-ending question of the secret of design genesis from a remote perspective. What role does the site and its characteristics play? Are we as designers really just problem-solving service providers? Why do we continue to be fascinated by the physical model? What role do the moments of “the imperfect” play in digital times and are there any real examples of the genius loci?

특강강사 : Stephan Exsternbrink 

Stephan Exsternbrink is an architect, interior architect and professor of design processes at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. In his core competence of spatial design, he is particularly interested in the cross-scale basics of design methodology and the interplay between analysis and free artistic experiment. Appointed in 2007 at the Hongik University Seoul, Korea, professorship for basics of design. His activities in the Far East until 2011 continue shaping questions about cultural influences on built space.

Study of architecture at the TU-Delft and Interior Architecture at the Detmold University of Applied Sciences. After working in various design offices such as Junglim Architecture Seoul and Coop Himmelb(l)au Vienna, his today’s interest is in experimental processes of smaller scale. His particular focus lies in the generally methodological moments of design processes of buildings and spaces.