‘Spaces for fashion(YAC, Young architects competition)’ Honorable mention(특선)_박세원, 김현철
  • 작성일 2024.05.10
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건축학전공 박세원, 김현철 학생이 2024년 4월 YAC(Young architects competition) 에서 주최한 국제공모 Spaces for Fashion에서 Honorable mention(특선)을 하였습니다.

Team name: Team 99s

Project name: Artiscovery



It is an important question of what the modern fashion museum, which will be located in beautiful natural scenery, will convey to visitors.


Fashion is not far away, which may seem esoteric and difficult. We think about what to wear and what shoes to wear every day. There are many people on the street dressed in clothes that show their individuality.


That’s right. A neighbor’s sweater, a coworker’s shirt, an old man’s hat...

All of these everyday things are fashion, and art.


The cylindrical exhibition space makes the visitors inside look like an exhibition like a mannequin.

This allows visitors to discover that the fashions of the people around them are exhibits, and even art.


The variable exhibition system provides a variety of exhibitions and conveys space, value, and meaning beyond the museum.



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Competition brief and results: https://www.youngarchitectscompetitions.com/past-competitions/spaces-for-fashion