Modular home competition’ Honorable mention prized(4위) _고범석, 김시원, 임주혜, 정은아
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건축학전공 고범석, 김시원, 임주혜, 정은아 학생이 20225Buildner (Bee Breeders)에서 주최한 국제공모 Modular home competition에서 honorable mention(4)을 수상하였습니다.




Team name: SWAH studio

Project name: All 4 one

It is a house prepared for convenient transportation and installation. The module is equipped with everything necessary for daily life, and the house is completed by merely opening and connecting the module. The size and shape of the modules are constant, and the modules are manufactured to be used as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. A total of four modules make up a basic home. If you want to move, simply fold the module back, organize it and move it to the container.

The user customizes the module based on the usage configuration they want at home, via the application. The modules including all the parts are factory built on order. The completed modules are compactly folded and the four modules forming each house are loaded in one container. The connected module may replace the container box. Modules placed on site can be unfolded by hand. The level may be adjusted by adjusting the height of the foundation according to the state of the ground surface. Then connect the modules to complete your home!

The purpose of this house is determined by the spinning and pushing furniture customized by the users. The facility is 200*50mm per plate and inserted according to the room's purpose, creating a pleasant indoor

environment. All furniture can be used after being rotated or pushed by hand. In addition, all rooms are bounded by open walls, so you can open them if necessary to enlarge the space.


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